AI Algorithms find use in Pharma Equipment


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Join me on an extraordinary journey as we explore an insightful article “Al Algorithms Find Use in Pharma Equipment” by Jennifer Markarian, featured in Pharmaceutical Technology Trends in Manufacturing eBook, May 2023.

In this remarkable piece, we unravel the secrets of Al’s integration into the pharmaceutical industry. Witness the convergence of wet granulation and artificial intelligence, breathing new life into the alchemical art of drug manufacturing. At Eigengran, we fearlessly embrace the challenges of regulations, ensuring that AI and compliance coexist harmoniously.

We collaborate closely with regulatory bodies, shaping frameworks that propel us towards a future where pharmaceutical marvels become everyday realities. Let us forge a path where science and innovation intertwine seamlessly.

Join us in celebrating the insightful work of Ms. Markarian, within the captivating pages of Pharmaceutical Technology. Curiosity beckons!

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