for Safer Pharma

We are an AI development and deployment company, committed to advancing cognitive control technology for enhanced safety and precision in pharmaceutical manufacturing, specializing in Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) forms.


Eigengran stands at the forefront of developing Cognitive Control Systems for OSD forms manufacturing. Our methodology, blending Perception, Interpretation, and Action, empowers real-time decision-making through
AI-generative models. These models, anchored in the theory of patterns, are continually learning and evolving, thereby enhancing supervised and self-supervised learning. This adaptability streamlines processes such as blending, granulation, drying, tableting, and coating. Adhering to PAT and QbD principles, we seamlessly integrate advanced sensor technology with AI, establishing new benchmarks in safety and efficiency for Real Time Release Testing – RTRT.

Key Innovations

Sensor-Driven Data Streaming

Our precision sensors meticulously capture every aspect of OSD manufacturing. By integrating varied data types, including physico-chemical spectrometric, haptic, and motion data, we achieve a thorough, multidimensional system characterization.

Adaptive AI-Generative Models

Our AI-generative models, rooted in the theory of patterns, are perpetually evolving through advanced learning techniques, enabling prompt and precise process optimization.

Autonomous OSD Machinery Development

Merging real-time data analysis with AI-driven decision-making, we spearhead the development of autonomous machinery, thereby enhancing efficiency and precision in OSD manufacturing.

Streamlined Quality Assurance

Transitioning from traditional testing to dynamic, real-time monitoring, our approach aligns with RTRT principles, revolutionizing quality assurance in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Tailored OSD Manufacturing Solutions

We provide bespoke solutions tailored to the unique process requirements of the OSD sector, ensuring enhanced integration and efficiency across all manufacturing applications.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Data Protection

Our top priority is the security of our AI systems and data. Employing advanced security measures, including zero-trust protocols and robust encryption, we ensure the highest level of protection against data threats in pharmaceutical applications.


Experience the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing with Eigengran. Where advanced technology achieves precision in every pill.